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RSD 2021 - DROP 1

first drop of 2021 is june 12th   here's the LIST ** you've been waiting for , brought to you by our friends at Record Store Day.      **The List is out! The team over at RSD have worked to spread the titles across a wide swath of genres, as well as including both older legacy artists and newer artists who might appeal to younger customers coming to a record store for the first time. 

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Friends! Record Store Day has been very different the last few years and this year the folks at #RSD have decided to stick to two Drops this year.  We will still be continuing to adhere to the guidelines set by the city and state - and you know the drill now. We are stoked that things are opening back up, and look forward to listening to music with you all very very soon. 

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Last leg of #rsd2020 . It's been a unique experience this year and we are stoked to get you back in here for the final RECORD STORE DAY DROP. Still we maintain... A few things to note: We will open at 8AM. Make sure you know what you are looking for and please be patient — this is new for us too. We went big on releases, so you can probably expect to find what you’re looking for... 10 folks will be allowed in the store at a time. We’ll allow 15 to 20 minutes per customer and when someone leaves another may enter. We ask that you wear a mask. We’ll have gloves and sanitizer gel for your use. You’ll...

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